200 Reviews

A quick and very nerdy update on the year of reviews. Just now I completed my 200th review on amazon.com. So far this year my ranking moved from around 7 million to 5195 in the ranking list. The ranking list is itself a very interesting topic that I will leave to other people to discuss.

My life as a science nerd is quite well addressed elsewhere but I wanted to analyse the books that I reviewed. So I spent a couple of minutes putting the books into ‘genre’. These are not strictly genre delineations but an attempt to break down the two hundred into bins of work.
Seems to me that I spent a reasonable amount of time reading how to and self help books which probably says a lot about how much there is to learn. I was happy to see that I had managed a reasonable spread of diversity and was not too biased one way or the other, this was my intention and so it is gratifying.
The other aspect I looked at was the number of stars I gave reviews on amazon.com. It is not my intention to be negative and whilst I have completed 200 reviews there are probably 100 more that I have not reviewed because I had not been properly captured by the piece or because the review would have been overly depressing.
So generally speaking I am happy to see that I am have been very lucky to find a large number of exceptionally interesting and engaging self-published works. Of the 200 there have been several incredibly good works that would stand up against any mainstream work if given the proper chance.
So thanks to excellence of the drive of mankind to put perspiration behind inspiration and get e-ink on e-paper!


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