Ebook Review Zombie Revelations by Dene Bebbington

Dene Bebbington recently self-published a horror novelette called Zombie Revelations:

From the dust cover: “Many would endure the torment of the night to come but not survive to bear witness. By morning their flesh would be scattered, filling the sarcophagus guts of the undead. This town – all towns – would become a living morgue. Countless battles between the forever hungry and the true living, survivors in locked homes, enclaves defended and lost, civilisation eviscerated, charnel streets; this was evolution’s unnatural selection in action.”
My review: For a lover of the zombie genre it is impossible to get enough. Like some sort of insatiable hunger to get more gore. The author delivers a classic rising of the zombie hoard irradication of all life and take over of the undead story.
It is more than that though, this zombie fest also has its own new twists and the characters and their stories are what make this an individual and stand alone piece.
You can almost smell the panic when you read this book and if you like zombies, you will love this.


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