Dream Keeper — Part I — Fatum Meum by Vickie Hollar

Vickie Hollar got in touch about her debut novel “Dream Keeper”.

From the dust cover “So much for a quiet life. When a terrifying nightmare awakens Deedra from a peaceful slumber, her world is torn apart and thrown into chaos. Finding herself knee deep in a murder investigation, Deedra races against the clock to stop a brutal serial killer before he strikes again.

With no time to spare, Deedra enlists the help of a local detective and finds herself hanging between life and death. In a heart racing adventure, her destiny is revealed…if she can live long enough to control the power.”

My review: Vickie Hollar has written a horror story that will probably be gladly received by fans of the genre. While one is able to guess at the author’s influences, the story is very fresh and rather chilling. I am not a particular expert on horror since ‘Freddy’ destroyed my teenage sleep patterns and “The Tommyknockers” took me a long time to get through in the days before I learned to read rapidly (and sorry Stephen King fans but personally the pace is too slow for me but the stories become extremely good films), but to me this was a splendid debut and with creativity like that, who knows where the future may go?


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