Back to science

It’s a funny old world! Through random events come patterns and the pattern of this week has been that I have been reading a number of science oriented books. Even though this is home territory for me it takes a bit of a run up to get through even the best written science book. I read the interesting proposal (and I forget now who said it) that our brains are set up as story machine not logic machines. So we are predisposed to enjoy stories and find them easy to handle whereas logical argument is a challenge. If my reading speed is anything to go by then I would have to agree with this sentiment. Reading Feynman’s life story is interesting and goes quickly, trying to handle quantum electrodynamics is a slower and more arduous process.
There are some common themes that come through the various works which spike my pattern recognition processes: a general discussion of what is factual and what is garbage on the web, randomness and the history of science and the individuals. These books are luckily not all written by the ancients who met Aristotle but also include some young bloods trying to add story to the logic which might make it easier on all of us!

So I will leave with a potentially thought provoking quote from Asimov says it well: “Theories are not so much wrong as incomplete”.


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