E book review Earn More Tips On Your Very Next Shift…Even If You’re a Bad Waiter by Steve DiGioia

The warmest days of the year so far had us out in the garden persuading spiders to part company with the outdoor furniture and the accumulated grime of the winter to relocate into the trash. The results are splendid and I am pleasantly disposed towards the world in general on a fine Monday morning. Even the breaking dawn on the station platform is accompanied by a gentle and almost warm breeze (through the hat though). I will carry the thought of immediate results and pleasant feelings a bit further. As an impetuous youth I had a number of summer jobs and part time jobs. On the list was glass collector at a busy pub on a Friday and Saturday night, pub cleaner and cleaner at something called a “Little Chef Travelodge”. All of these jobs had something in common; they had a very close relationship between effort and results. A collected glass is immediately gone from the table, a room is obviously cleaned and that mysterious stinking goo is clearly replaced by fresh cleanliness. Looking back on it, these jobs were also a lot of fun and there was no danger of bringing work home. At the end of the shift, and with decent hand soap, the job is left behind clean and clear. Nowadays there can go years between an effort and a result as if the glass was collected by still remains on the table until at some point it decides if it has gone or not!

With this in mind I was interested by the Ebook “Earn More Tips On Your Very Next Shift…Even If You’re a Bad Waiter by Steve DiGioia”. It promised to tell me about something that I have previously had no need to know about. I am drawn to this expansion of knowledge and also the drawing back of the veil that hangs over the art of being a waiter. Now I am not saying that this is some secret society, not at all. There is an obvious and a hidden facet to most jobs. The art is always to mimic the swan: to seem to glide effortlessly across the water looking magnificent whilst no one can see that you are paddling like mad below the water!
Author Steve DiGioia “has been in the hotel & restaurant business, in one manner or another, for 25+ years… he has seen some of the best and worst at their trade. Still active in the business, Steve has put together this collection of those same straightforward no-nonsense tactics that he continues to use, that will improve the customer service mindset of your employees.“
From the rather detailed dust cover: “Waiters, are you tired of working your butt off in restaurant after restaurant and never really making the money you deserve? … So how can this book help you? What can you learn from this that is different from whatever else you’ve been taught & doing? Let’s take a step back for a moment…During my research to prepare for writing this book, I scoured the internet for information that was already written by others on this topic. I wanted to see what the competition was up to and was amazed by what I found. Actually I was embarrassed.
Some of the recommendations were so bad that I had to stop looking. Did ANY of these people ever actually work as a waiter, a bartender or manage a restaurant? If so, they probably were not very successful. So, are you willing to learn a few things? A few simple things that will put more money in your pocket, and finally become the waiter that all others are jealous of? And the one that your customers can’t get enough of? It’s real easy and you will see results on your very next shift.”

My review: This book is clearly on the right track and the simplest way to express this is to say that I want the author to be my waiter next time it is my night to cook and we end up finding a restaurant instead. This is a book that describes the simple things that make service into a seemingly effortless art as seen by the customer. If the author has the same skills as a waiter as he does as an author then his tip income must be substantial.

I found this book both entertaining and informative whilst being very clearly written. What was especially rewarding was to read about the how the mindset of the waiter can create a win win situation whereby the customer has a great time and therefore the waiter feels the benefit.

This “How To” book is also a rarity in that it does not require anything more than the book itself to give it a go and try out the tips. It does not require purchasing any equipment or taking further courses. Clearly the outcome is dependent on the establishment the waiter works in; the author also makes this clear.

None of the jobs I have ever had gave any tips (other than some unpublishable ones!) So you might think that there is nothing in this Ebook for me, but I learned something, which is an immediate result and I gained a new insight into the challenges of being a waiter and finally this Ebook reaffirms that going for win win outcomes will always be the best course of action. So happy Monday, go for the win win and see what immediate results we can achieve today!


One thought on “E book review Earn More Tips On Your Very Next Shift…Even If You’re a Bad Waiter by Steve DiGioia

  1. Thank you Paul for your kind words and for featuring my book here. I hope your readers will enjoy it and possibly learn a little more about expectations of customer service in the restaurant business. All the best to you and your readers.

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