E book review ALIEN ABDUCTIONS – The History Of Alien Abductions, Where Aliens Come From, Why Alien Abductions Are Happening & Much More. Plus The Top 10 Most Famous Alien Abductions! By Aidan Brophilius

The subject of this review is one that I do not often discuss; it is a sort of dirty secret to be interested in non-fictional aliens. Actually I spent quite a bit of time during my university studies reading about this fascinating phenomenon. At that time the internet was just starting to take off and amazing things were available at the click of a mouse and the patience of a mountain ash as one waited for the modem to do its thing. I am fascinated by what has become a billion dollar industry based upon no objective evidence. On the plus side, this must also have inspired many of the splendid books and films that so many of us enjoy! Of course we should not forget the Orson Welles Halloween special in 1938 that had real people really panicking. “The War of the Worlds” radio dramatic adaptation of the H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel of the same name and its reception is itself a clear demonstration of our love of drama and our willingness to believe in fantastic things. Anyway, I digress, to the review: So I guess that I was drawn to this Ebook with its very long title and bold assertions.
From the dust cover: “Discover the truth about alien abductions. This eBook includes the history of alien abductions, Alien Technology and Intelligence that is used in alien abductions, Demographics of Alien Abductions, How to Tell if You Have Been Abducted by Aliens, Possible Reasons for Alien Abductions and more. Plus, read about the Top 10 Most Famous Alien Abductions. These alien abduction stories are widely believed to be 100% True and Accurate. If you have an interest in extra-terrestrial’s also known as aliens from a distant planet somewhere in outer space then you will definitely appreciate and enjoy this eBook. Get the inside scoop on alien abductions today!”

My review: the author has pulled together a nice compilation of the historical record and has written a good review of the subject. Even the apparent discrepencies I thought I read were actually well covered and the whole fit well together. For someone interested in learning about this subject this is a very good launching pad. It does go into a lot of good details about where terms like ‘flying saucer’ come from and even touches on some decent mundane explanations, eg temporal lobe epilepsy as a root cause of some sightings.

Even though I had anticipated something more, andI do not know what I had hoped for, I was happy with reading this book as it took me down memory lane. On the negative side it is clearly predicated upon the veracity of the stories and does not make clear that some of the most famous players have either been found ‘elaborating their CVs’ or have admitted ‘remaking the videos’ because the original was too badly damaged, or even that the planet Venus and various meteorites have been shown to have had starring roles down the years.

At the end of it all, the world is an amazing place and there are plenty of very real and splendid phenomena that can shock and awe us. My imagination runs away with me when I think about what might be out in the ‘gigantanormous’ universe and I would love to go and take a look, but I think that I will try to avoid crashing, communicating with alien food stuffs or trying to make myself welcome with anything probe like.


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