E book review Glimpse by Steven Whibley

Glimpse by Steven Whibley is written for the 9+ audience and is described as an adventure (light fantasy). About the author (from his website) “I read once that the quickest way to kill any chance of success—especially with the online community—is to say something bad about cats. It seems most internet users worship those little devils… oops, I mean little lovelies… see, I almost blew it right there…Next to family and writing, travel is my biggest passion and I think anyone who can do it, should…Oh, and I really do like cats. Especially the ones that bark and fetch.”

We will gloss over Steven’s somewhat dubious credentials as a cat lover and concentrate on “Glimpse”.

From the dust cover: ““Save them, Dean. Save them all….” Dean Curse avoids attention the way his best friend Colin avoids common sense…Ever since his heroic act, he’s been having terrifying visions of people dying and they’re freaking him out so badly his psychologist father just might have him committed. Dean wants nothing more than to lay low and let life get back to normal…But when Dean’s visions start to come true, and people really start dying, he has to race against the clock…”

My review: “Glimpse” is a gripping mystery thriller that grabbed the attention from the start to the end. While this is a recognizable scenario of a group of kids who are thick as thieves as they attempt to understand the trouble that Dean has gotten himself into, it is also a complex mystery.

The addition of a typically brother intolerant sister an over protective mother and a father who clearly brings home his work add to the scene setting and give the story additional depth and meaning.

The author has created an excellent adventure that plays out in unexpected and unusual ways. Clearly I am somewhat above the 9+ age group but I genuinely found this to be a good and engaging reading experience that was very well written.

In conclusion we need not mention the fact that cats are about as likely to fetch as…. ok I don’t know about anything that unlikely that can be measured and communicated without breaking the Heisenburg uncertainty principle so you will need to let me know if you come up with a decent corroborative noun!


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