My Ears!

I guess that I chose the wrong day to give up my winter hat! Twenty minutes on the train platform at 6 am and my ears were literally burning as the wind cut like ice knives. Dash it, that was cold dreary pain. I should have learned my lesson because the constant biting wind was one of the things that I noticed on my visit to Denmark before I moved here. There is something about this time of year when the sun is out and it is deceptive to the mind that yearns for the warmth. Anyway, ouch, I digress.

There is a reblog on the page from JB Dutton, whose book “Silent Symmetry” is on a freebie offer on Amazon. Check it out!


One thought on “My Ears!

  1. We are eagerly waiting for spring here in Canada too – I have a mental debate every morning before I go out the door whether it is warm enough to leave my hat at home yet.

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