E book review Kingdom of Heroes by Jay Phillips

This is a futuristic science fiction thriller. From the dust cover: “Years ago, a gene virus ran rampant across the planet, leaving a small
percentage of people gifted/ cursed with extraordinary abilities and humanity
itself forever changed. Suddenly, there were people with super strength and
speed, people who could read minds, people who could teleport themselves from
place to place with but a single thought.

Several of these people joined
together to form The Seven, the most powerful group of supers the world had ever
known. Led by the enigmatic Agent America, The Seven kept the country safe from
threats both foreign and internal. That is until the United States government
decided the threat of the supers outweighed any protection they could offer.

After a war between the super powered and the normals (as non-powered
humans are now referred), The Seven have placed themselves as the nation’s
rulers, controlling the country through fear and intimidation. But now, someone
or something is murdering The Seven one-by-one, single handedly attempting to
make them pay for all of the sins they have committed.

My review: This is a very nicely and vividly written work that will grip Marvel fans. At its heart a good old fashioned revenge story with love interest thrown into the mix.

There are excellent flavours of futurism and a world different but at the same time similar to our own.


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