E book review Bottom of the List by Steve Attridge

It is a funny thing with the way I read that I cannot help but see connections and similarities to the small mountain of books I have read over the last quarter of a century. It drives “Her indoors” nutty but I cannot help it. Sometimes the underlying story of a book is like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers yet still the author will manage to take us along a new and unchartered path. Steve Attridge’s book “Bottom of the List” caught my eye for some reason and I am happy that it did.

From the dust cover: “Adam Bittermouth is a paranoid recluse. But he has found a way to make a fortune. Roebuck University.
As a seat of learning it might get bottom marks but when money-grubbing bean counters replace the professors the students become craftily manipulated cash cows….Meanwhile, far below, a seething cauldron of political corruption, monstrous egos, existential terror, corporate bullying and murder is coming to the boil.”

My review: there is something fascinating about the way higher education and seats of learning can be the hotbed of so much folly. The author takes this folly to new heights in this romper stomper journey through intricately balanced plots with unbalanced characters. This is a wonderfully written work filled with intelligent as well as much more basic drives of a splendidly diverse pantheon of egomaniacs, sex addicts and the insecure.

Excellent, funny and a jolly good read “Bottom of the List” has a delightfully pleasant evocative feel to me of “PorterHouse Blue” by Tom Sharpe which was apparently released the year of my birth. The machinations of individuals who really should know better and the delightfully complex absurdity makes me want to get back to University!


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