E book review The Boy Who Was Most by Annabelle Peep

Every so often I enjoy reading E books for children. They are often great fun and relevant to where my family is. So naturally they should not be without a review once in a while.

“The Boy Who Was Most” by Annabelle Peep caught my eye the other day.

From the dust cover “Rod was the coolest, Bella was the prettiest, Sam was the smartest, Annie was the silliest. But Guy wasn’t the most anything. Should he be the most worried?

There is a lot of pressure on kids these days to be “the most”. Even kids as young as six can feel like they need to be the smartest, the prettiest, or the most popular. This short, simple picture book provides exactly the “a-ha” that overly-competitive or perfectionist children need to be the most important “most” of all: their most happy.

Perfect for early readers from kindergarten through second grade, this children’s book encourages self-esteem and self-acceptance, but it does so without ever feeling preachy or heavy-handed. This is not a “lesson book;” rather, it delivers the message with a light touch, good humor, and a little help from a certain blue peep.”

My review: This is short and sweet and tells a good story that is a very useful life lesson. The pictures are vibrant and splendid. There is also a very nice flow with the interjecting bird. This is an easy book to read and is well received. It is of course quick and just right for some time with the kids.


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