E book review The Road to Nowhere by Shawn Blankenship

The author Shawn Blankenship is new to me and I can see that he has published a couple of works here in March. “The Road to Nowhere” caught my eye as I was scanning the recent releases and I am happy that I picked it up. It falls under the genre horror and is a short work.

From the dust cover “David Lanken took a wrong turn.
It was just one wrong turn down an unmarked road.

But the road is dark and broken, and when the fog rises, the road narrows as it twists through the vine-shrouded trees. A chasm opens behind. There is no way back.

Ahead, a tower rises from the mist, its gray walls windowless, dark and changing rooms inside.

Beyond the tower, down a path like a tunnel through the vines, there is a cave with a room that shouldn’t be there.

And out there in the woods, there is something watching, something dark and red-eyed, something hungry.”

My review: While not necessarily a novel plot this is a nicely written work. The author manages to generate tension and suspense along the way.

I liked the backstory and the personal issues of the characters that were subtly developed.

This is a nice example of its genre.

It is important to comment that I am referring to the basic underlying story having a flow that is recognisable even though the work itself is new and interesting.


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