E book review A Scandal in Spixworth (A Walton Cumberfield Mystery)

A quick and hilarious revisit to the Walton Cumberfield series by Tom Moran. In case I did not say before or perhaps it got lost in the mists of time (with or without that cow): “Tom Moran is a writer, comedian, actor and husband. He is 0.0012 miles in height, and weighs approximately 0.083 metric tons.

Tom lives in Norwich with his wife and Ford Fiesta. His first novel, ‘Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers’, was released in December 2012.”

From the dust cover: “Walton Cumberfield is the United Kingdom’s best (and only) time travelling detective. Of course, this is not his only vocation. Among other things, he is a semi-professional scientist, poet, entrepreneur, inventor, raconteur and amateur gas and electricity meter-reader. He also works in a sandwich shop.
This short story takes place after the events of the 2012 novel ‘Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers’, though it is self-contained and can be enjoyed without any prior familiarity with said novel.”

My review: This is a fantastic sequel in the time travelling detective series. Walton is a superbly guileless character who is perfectly worth his small daily fee.

Once again the author delivers a hilarious detective story filled with fabulous laughs.

This excellent work stands very well on its own, but certainly works even better as an extension to the convoluted and cheese filled debut.

I just wish I did not read Tom’s work in public, I get some very odd looks when I start chortling away. It is even worse when the laughs continue long after the book has been put down. Perhaps I should arrange for some help.


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