Easter Saturday ramble

Tonight we go over to summertime and today we woke up with snow. Normally at Easter we have been out and about making the garden look nice and generally sweeping away the winter. This year we will have to be a bit more creative. I think we are all itching to get on with a new season. Driving just now I spied a group of March Hares mad at the delay. The birds are singing angrily and at least in my garden have not be bothered building new nests in the shed.
This is all very poetic and for us at least we can get by with decent winter gear, thick jackets, gloves, scarves and hats, but what is really getting to me is the greyness. What this seems to mean is continuous replacement of lightbulbs and therein the issue of today. Nowadays we can only buy energy efficient bulbs that apparently last forever and so the amazing hick in price is a long term saving. Except, no that is rubbish. I have lost count of the money we have spent trying out these oh so efficient bulbs. Either they give up long before their allotted 10000 hours or worse they flicker, make a high pitched squeal or take an evening to warm up and give sufficient light for a bat to read by! Grrr! Roll on the sunny days!


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