Ebook review Player’s Restaurant by Mark Butcher

Mark Butcher is a London based author whose debut satirical horror work is called “Player’s Restaurant”.

From the dust cover: “A revolutionary dieting craze promises women astonishing weight loss. In a matter of months, Size 16s become svelte size 6s as the new slimming commodity is deemed more valuable than gold or cocaine. Its formula is a mystery, but after women worldwide gleefully overhaul their wardrobes and play hide and seek behind lampposts…the deadly side effects become apparent.
Mark Butcher has written a book filled with interesting conflicts. It is both funny yet grotesque, complex yet even more complex.”

My review: The plot is delightful in its satirising of the diet industry and there are excellent ‘hidden forces’ playing with the world. Butcher does not flinch from taking apparent detours to pick up characters and sub plots. It is intelligently done and the humour is breathtaking at seemingly impossible times.

The complexity at times reduces the pace of the book; the extensive ‘gore scenes’ are almost too much.

If it was possible I would have given a 4.5 rank. This is an excellent book and well worth the read.

This is a book that, I think, many science fiction / fantasy lovers will enjoy. Also, if you like zombies and conspiracy then there is something on the menu for you too!


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