E book review The Acolytes of Crane by J. D. Tew

This is the debut novel of J. D. Tew who has written a science fiction thriller of far reaching scope.

The author says in his own words “…(I am a) freelance writer and poet with a degree in applied science…served in the United States Army for four years as an infantryman, and received four Army commendation medals with valor in Iraq.”
From the dust cover “While an ancient intergalactic war threatens, a boy on earth is beat-down by his wayward dad and built-up by the love of his selfless friends to challenge the galaxy’s greatest evil ever. Theodore Crane is a twelve-year-old prankster embracing the eighties and drowning in the disturbing reality of love’s neglect…. He develops a desire to evolve beyond the ignorance of his parents, and ventures out to build a legacy on the foundation of a life that’s seasoned by death and the rage of abuse…In a minimalist’s world, it is a tale that will inspire craving minds, and ignite ambitious imagination with an abundance of relentless action, edgy suspense, lingering mystery, and an epic romance that could carry on beyond the final page.”
My review: JD Tew has created a magnificent debut work that grabs the reader and takes us on a roller coaster ride. The start of the book describes a bleak back story of a youth that is moving through life in the style of a Tom Sawyer, replete with traumas and challenges. From this well laid foundation the transformation occurs that takes us on the main journey of the book. At each turn of page the scope of TAC increases so that in the end this is a work with huge reach and seemingly endless possibilities that the author navigates with care.
The military background of Tew is evident in the precision of the writing style in places and the counter point of long descriptive passages gave flight to the fantasy and insight to the multiverse that the characters are fighting in. The plot includes all of the elements that make a novel a page turner.
It is often said in review of a new author’s debut work that they will just get better and better. If this is the case then we will have a lot to look forward to from JD Tew considering the excellence of this first offering.


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