E book review: The Crabby Old Git On Exercise – A Short Story by Phil Kingsman

Authors Note:

The Crabby Old Git on Exercise is a short story, one of a series of 5 that the authors plans. In the author’s own words “Crabby feels that he is a man misunderstood and you will most certainly have come across him wherever you look. Opinionated, loud, blinkered and desperate to give you his view of the world – which he believes to be correct in all respects.”

“The Crabby Old Git is in all sorts of trouble as his wife, Maude, makes him join the village exercise class.”

This is a superb book and it had me laughing so hard I could almost not cope. Written as a selection of one sided conversations “The Crabby Old Git” mixes Les Dawson and Frankie Howerd style humor with a modern twist of sardonic wit.
The dead pan delivery of the endless stream of anecdotes, one liners and slapstick could also bring to mind Spike Milligan and added excellent descriptive sections and ample use of adjectives.
Dash it all, well done!

If you want a laugh today then read a story about Crabby and you will be happy.


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