Catching up Ebook reviews

It is truly amazing how many Ebooks are published and it is even more amazing that no matter how many speed reading books I get through, I cannot keep up with all of them. Certainly there must be loads of unknown superstars out there just waiting for someone to find them, pick them up and shout to world “look over here!” Still, I have some author’s on my radar whose work tends to catch my eye when it pings up on the screen; I cannot control myself, it is human nature after all.
So when I saw M. Sid Kelly’s “Fire Hunts in Mali, West Africa — A Photo Journal” and I had a moment to spare, I had to take a look. Kelly is the author of “Used Aliens” which has been reviewed by me and is a damn funny book. Kelly also has a blog which tracks his journey as a budding author. “Fire Hunts” is described as a companion work to “Used Aliens” and one commentator on Kelly’s blog has already pointed out that it could in fact work extremely well on its own.

The blurb says “This photo journal contains 38 color photographs with written descriptions accompanying each. The photographs illustrate events that are not easily witnessed without exceptional access and exceptional friends.
The first section depicts a fire hunt that was conducted mainly by young men and children, with only a couple of adult hunters with guns participating. The second section shows a fire hunt that was organized and conducted by older, established hunters. And the final few pictures illustrate additional points about the culture of Malian hunters.
These hunts typically took place on Mondays, which is known as The Devil’s Day for some reason. The Devil supposedly owned the gold in the river. So out of respect, the people did not mine gold on Mondays — they hunted and fished instead.
And I’ve taken the opportunity to say a few things about the hunter I knew best – the one pictured on the cover – Lasine Koné. A section called About Lasine Koné is included in the body of this book just below a picture of him.”
My review: it was a pleasure to read this book and see the wonderful collection of images that the author collected. Kelly writes with integrity and also wit and introduces us to both himself and his other writing.
Whether viewed as a companion piece or a standalone work, Kelly has produced something that was well worth finding time for.
Also out in the wilderness, Michael Nir published “Achieving Results w/o Authority From the Alaskan Wilderness to modern global business: Convincing the Bear”, described as “…(a) journey to enhance your influence without authority and leadership skills as we together develop them systematically and humorously. I know it is challenging; however this guide describes just what you need.”

Michael captures the essence of effective communication very neatly in an opening anecdote that sets the scene wonderfully well. This bite sized book presented useful tidbits of information as well as some necessary fundamentals. The author’s style is engaging and there is no lack of pace or educational insight. There is no doubt that the knowledge that is communicated in Nir’s work can radically change the trajectory of careers and businesses. That much can be understood from trawling though business literature or through reading this excellent digest that is brought into the real world with an expert’s insight.
So, no zombies or vampires in this post, but hopefully a couple of book reviews of ebooks for Kindle that you will find interesting. Go check out Kelly’s blog, especially if you are just starting out thinking about self-publishing. He has some useful empirical data that might be of interest.


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