Modern Suburbia by Chris Merlo

This is the debut novel of Chris Merlo, who describes himself as a 33 year old suburbanite, born and raised, which might hint as to the inspiration for the book. “I’m an athletic and eclectic type who enjoys the deliciousness of all that the arts has to offer, which includes the art of writing.”

Modern Suburbia is a crime thriller set in the fictional Teal County. In the author’s words: “The populace would say it’s a prime community of modern sophistication and wealth, filled with every form of entertaining consumption one could desire. Expenses were not spared in producing this lavish and clean looking suburb, along with creating an effective and expanded judicial and policing system and a wide and over reaching corporate industry. “

The plot of this intricate tale involves a number of believable and lovable characters whose whit and intelligence are as breath taking as the plot they play out.
Chris Merlo says about Modern Suburbia: “This is my first novel (though I have been writing for years), [this is] a Crime Thriller of 70,000 words set in the fictional suburb…where not everything is as bright and spiffy as things may seem. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book…I wanted a story that grabbed your attention and made you want to read more.”
In review I would say that Chris has achieved exactly what he set out to achieve. This is an interesting tale right from the start until the end and the action in between is high paced and well thought out. In a sense this is a very convoluted tale of coincidence mixed with small town prejudice and an excellent dollop of criminal activity. The characters are intelligently written and credible. As the plot develops one gets to admire the main characters and perhaps get to understand their drives and ambitious even audacious actions. This is a wonderful first novel and I certainly hope that Chris can be persuaded to create more of the same.


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