E book Review Request: The Eclectic Prince by Caspar Vega

It has been an interesting time of late and early this morning I swept my property clear of the promised snow storm which frankly came to nothing just yet. Over the last days a number of folks have written to me requesting reviews. This is something that shows excellent initiative and is to be commended. I suppose that I need to define for myself how I will consider these requests. In any case, one of the Ebooks I was sent was simply described on Amazon.com as “A post-Empire fairytale.” Caspar Vega is the author of “The Eclectic Prince” which he describes to be as being of the genre “Coming of Age / Weird” and being “A sleazy modern fairytale that includes everything from teenage sex to witchcraft.” There was nothing I could immediately find about the author. The title kept me from politely declining; I liked it.

My review: this is a vigorous and confusing work that is dark and moody escape from reality. This is reminiscent of the fantasy works of Jon Courtenay Grimwood or perhaps a voodoo version of Trainspotting. Where it fell down a little for me is in the rigorous and unrelenting pace that does not give much in the way of description to enable a visualization of the characters. In some ways this read like a screenplay for a fast moving film that would be perfectly suited to the current style of high momentum, ever changing camera angle cinema. This was a nice change of pace for me and it is not a genre that I have read much of and not for the past few years and ultimately I am happy that the author reached out.


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