Monday morning E book reviews American Legends: The Life of Dr. Seuss by Charles River Editors and Kindle Book Marketing Explained How to Promote and Sell Your Kindle eBook by Nick Vulich

Yes, another manic Monday and the alarm clock was not really my friend this morning. The wind is blowing a gale and the TV has been warning of the worst March snow storm in history for tonight. The train I am in is wobbling in the howling, gnarling gusts; the early dawn is just breaking as a red streak on the horizon as we drive on through 6am. There are always deer running around in the fields alongside the railway and recently I could see them on the ride home when it was still light, I am hoping I might catch a glimpse this morning too.

I am a morning person, there is a serenity about the early morning that is worth getting out of bed for. In my much younger days I could see this same time of day without having seen a bed, but those days are long, long gone.

Another remnant of my youth are the Dr Seuss Books which I remember reading in primary school about thirty years ago. I also saw the Mike Myers “Cat in the Hat” film which captured some but not all of the lunacy of this creation. So I was interested to read “American Legends: The Life of Dr. Seuss” by Charles River Editors. Charles River Editors is a digital publishing company that creates compelling, educational content. In addition to publishing original titles, we help clients create traditional and media-enhanced books.

This was a story that I did not know and it was very interesting and insightful from one end to the other. It was wonderful to read about this eccentric legend. This history is perfectly written for me. Perhaps it is because I simply like the rapid pace and the fact there is so much genius to write about in a short book. Of course, as with any genius and any human being, not everything is perfect and the editors do not try to rose tint the issues of this man. Another message from this short book was the effort he put into his writing and his work in general; another reminder that effort pays off.

A totally different type of ebook caught my attention this weekend: “Kindle Book Marketing Explained How to Promote and Sell Your Kindle eBook” by Nick Vulich.

Nick Vulich has been selling on eBay for many years and has made the leap over to Ebooks with several pieces including this one. The book description says: Are you unsure what your next steps should be? And are you wondering if anyone can really make money with Kindle books anyway? This book can help you answer all of these questions. This is a Kindle short. It has just 5095 words (about 22 Kindle pages), but it is packed with useful information, and will answer many of the questions that you have about marketing your Kindle book.

My review of this Ebook is that I enjoyed the author’s discussion of his experiences with marketing Ebooks for kindle and real books. It was fascinating to read about this approach and I certainly think there are points presented relevant to any self-publisher. In reality there is a lot of hard work involved in the points that he is making and this is what ties this Ebook to the Dr Seuss Ebook. Hard work pays off eventually. What is perhaps not highlighted in Vulich’s Ebook is what is clear from his author page that he has been selling since 1999 on eBay and has been writing Ebooks for some time and has built up a network, a fan base, if you will, that is giving him the return on his efforts. My take home, on this gusty, blustery Monday morning is that sufficient, well directed effort over a period of time will pay off. A single effort can pay off, but that is very much like doing the lottery. Anyhow, I need to button my coat now and walk the last paces to work, hoping that I do not blow away like the unfortunately airborne garbage!

Dr. Seuss Wooden Nickel
Dr. Seuss Wooden Nickel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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