Another Saturday Ramble

I blinked and there was another week gone! It does not even seem as though so much has happened this week. Of course after talking about the sun coming out we had a couple of snow flurries and the weather forecasters are talking about the worst March snow storm in Danish history next week! This is the power of coincidence; I demonstrated this to myself in another way, I was talking to a colleague about how well the trains had been running and then three days back to back was delayed. Such is life and it is all worth it.
One of the things that I have been spending time on this week is trying to update my blog to be more ‘with it’. I guess the real term is SEO’d but of these things I am painfully ignorant and fumble about like drunk man with his door keys, eventually it will work or he will sleep outside. From the inside it is very difficult to see how the world at large views this blog and how it is that anyone comes across it in the first place. I have viewed my statistics and enjoyed much speculation about the brownian motion of web surfing. Ultimately there is a coincidence between what I put out there and what people are looking for and so if you find it here then I am very happy indeed.
For the first time I also looked at the sales reports on my own publications and was pleasantly surprised that I had achieved 1000+ downloads. This is mainly coming from the free promotions but that is fine with me. I came to realise that I need to do something about the cover art which is a step too far for my own skills and my creativity in this area is either too limited or too ecclectic, I am not sure which it is and that just goes to show the problem.
The final statistic, or should that be metric?, that I looked at was my standing as an reviewer. Since the start of this hobby I have now reviewed 163 downloaded Ebooks from and this has gained me 109 helpful votes and 15 unhelpful votes. Reading around it is considered that longer reviews get more helpful votes, however I am not at all sure that I agree.
What gets votes is the same thing that gets reviews, it is once again the coincidence of readers actually reading and feeling driven enough to do something about it. This is where it all began for me in any case, the point that it is terribly difficult to attract people to the niche self-published work without reviews and it is not possible to get reviews without attracting people to read. From the forums and author sites you can almost sense the straining and the effort that self-starters are putting into getting their message across and equally the joy and satisfaction for those who have made it. One thing that is clear through all of this and all of life is that perserverance is a central and core quality that is essential to success.


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