E book review “Reportage” by Brian Short.

Brian Short has three titles available and this appears to be the first solo effort and a move into science fiction short story telling.
Author summary: When his friend Scooter commits suicide, a deeply unsettled man is made to recount the time when, shortly after his own divorce, adrift in an existential inner wasteland, the two of them became entangled in an ontological mystery that now seems more dream than actuality, more absurdist drama than the substance of memory. Yet he knows that something has happened, something deeply traumatic that is in some way responsible for his friend’s death – it just isn’t clear what it really was.

My review is that this is a short story with big impact. It keeps up a relentless pace of confusion. The writing is at times disturbingly visual and vividly imagined. It reminds me of both Danny Boyle and Bret Easton Ellis work in terms of overall weirdness wonderfully written. It is not an ‘easy’ read, by which I mean that it is unexpected and requires some attention to keep up and this is a good thing.
According to the product page, this Ebook is doing well during its free download period and has collected three reviews, so well done to Brian Short for a very fine short story and a successful promotion.


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