Recycling and eyeing the coffee suspiciously

These days I need to be careful about leaving my coffee mug around and recycling it later on in the day. Our cat likes the same brand of instant coffee as I do. This has probably been the case for a long time and I do not want to contemplate that but anyhow, we noticed said cat drinking the remains of my coffee one day and were amazed. She is also fascinated with cigarette ash but since the last member of our family gave up she has been on forced withdrawal and probably this is why she is drowning her sorrows in my coffee mug. Strangely it is only one brand of instant and irritatingly, it is now this brand we buy. I am wary of letting the mug out of my sight. It is fair enough I suppose; I should drink less coffee and tidy up more often so probably this is good for me somehow!

Not my cat, but a cat drinking coffee!
Not my cat, but a cat drinking coffee!

Segway onto another recycling issue first noticed by me many years ago, namely the recycling of book content from one book into another. This was an issue I first noted with paper books in the personal development genre. At that time I was very interested in how some people managed to accelerate through life while others seemed to stagnate. This is not always by choice, although sometimes this is the result of personal preference. It turned out, not surprisingly, that I was not alone in this thought process and a multitude of books were available on the subject. I read broadly for a while, buying many books on the subject. It took a couple of months but it became clear that the subject was not so deep as the plethora of books proposed and the underlying theory or perhaps theories could be communicated in just a couple of pages and the rest was anecdote. Fair enough, that was absolutely fine. I like Occam’s razor and simple solutions are great for me. The issue that bugged me then and that I am ranting about now is the recycling of content by authors into several books. One author in particular, whose first book on the subject was very good, irritated me greatly because I went on to buy the other books that she had written in one batch only to find that they were all essentially repetitions of the same theory and also the same anecdotes.
Having read through a lot of EBooks for Kindle it is clear that a similar trend occurs. It occurs perhaps in various genres and I am questioning myself, is it me? Should this bother me at all? So long as I download an ebook during a free offer and do not have to spend time or money on it it should not make such a difference to me personally. The market will decide eventually, but it does add a layer of irritation over Ebook purchasing. My preference is to read something new, or the same old thing from a new angle, or with new anecdotes. Whatever it is it needs to be new. Otherwise I am back to sharing the mug with the cat. I cannot change the self-publishing behavior of ebook authors any more than I can stop the cat drinking my coffee when I am not looking, so the answer is the same. I wash up the mug, and read fewer eBooks on the subjects I know well. After all, an ebook I read at the start of the year which essentially slammed the 99 cent ebook and my response then was that the market will decide and authors who make an effort should be allowed to try and profit from this phenomenon of self-publishing. It would be great if I had learned my lesson earlier, cats like coffee and people like to take the easy route when possible!


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