If you are an entrepreneur or want to be then this is a book you should read: E book review From Backpacker to CEO by Kyle Berner

My goodness I am happy that I read Kyle Berner’s story. It is monday and I
needed inspiration to get going this morning and I got it in spades in this
fabulous book.

Berner warned in the prologue that this book is written in
‘raw’ form with clunky sentences and typos; if these were present I did not
notice them and they certainly did not negatively affect my enjoyment. In fact
the style did exactly what was intended by the author, it engaged and inspired.
How can you disagree with an author who chooses to call his ware house the ‘flop

This is a fabulous story as well as an entrepreneurial
inpriration. Some of the issues seem to crop up in all walks of life and it is
the approach to getting past these events that is the key. Suppliers making
novel decisions to change labelling, shipping delays, natural disasters all of
these are met with style.

If you need a lift, want to understand the
challenges of being an entrepreneur or perhaps just love flip flops, then this
is a book you should read. It will take you through Berner’s life from days helping Dad to the choices that ultimately gave him the inspiration to start out on his own and then the struggles and drive that made his business what it is now. This book does not sugar coat the issues of starting a company or make it sound particularly easy. This book tells a very good story in a very good way. Berner found a great product and made it into a business. He put a lot of effort in and probably is a smart guy to begin with and the pay off of his persistence was the chance to persist and struggle and have fun along the way.


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