E book reviews: Humor in E books for Kindle

Humor is difficult to capture and is fleeting. Examples of nearly timeless humor exemplify this rule. For me the Monty Python series contain some of the most timeless and some of the most fleeting humor. Peter Cook’s one legged Tarzan sketch with Dudley Moore is an eternally funny piece of slapstick comedy. The point is, we cannot tell in advance what will capture the fun of today or the future. In “Fifty Shades of Misery” by Angree S. Meyer.

The author creates a dark parody for all fans and haters of the best selling Fifty Shades of Grey books by E.L. James and Misery books, by Stephen King. E.Z. James is the author of the famous book Fifty Shades of Grey. She has everything people can only dream about. On her way home from the spa resort, she gets into a serious car accident. She may be the luckiest woman in the world. She meets Annie Arbuckle, who is not only her number one fan, but Annie has just saved E.Z. James from death. Now James is recovering from her wounds in the isolated home of her number one fan, Annie Arbuckle. Annie may the nicest person E.Z. James has ever met. Little does E.Z. James realize, Annie is her number one fan.
My book review states that, this is a clever mash up of a couple of otherwise divergent books. It does what is stated on the cover and parodies other works. It ends rather crudely and abruptly but whilst it lasted it was diverting. Clearly, this is a piece of humor that is linked very definitely to today and knowledge of the “50 shades” series. Presumably this will be well received by its target audience and probably forgotten relatively quickly. Do not get me wrong, it is clever and funny and well written, it does strike out at the current phenomenon of ‘house wife porn’ which makes this funny, but it also makes it likely to be short lived.
On the other hand “Tupperware – The Real Story” by Chris Ward might last a bit longer because it is linked to a product and a social phenomenon that has existed for decades and looks like it will not end soon.

Chris Ward asks if you ever considered for a moment the impact of the Tupperware Behemoth on the lives of those affected by its reach. In particular the author refers to the men, in the main, who struggle valiantly to understand what this invasion of multipurpose, multicoloured, multiuse plastic into the sanctity of their homes really means. This humorous short piece is one man’s account of a life forever changed. Damn that twitching eyelid! Read this and have a chuckle.

Chris Ward has suffered and has allowed this suffering to be his inspiration. The problem is plastic kitchen ware in infinite variety. I laughed and I loved the satirical look at the problems these plastic contraptions cause to all of us that just do not get the point. How can I get the point when I was banned from the lecture? On the other hand I do not want to get trapped in the cycle of accumulation! Well done to the author for writing a hilarious commentary. There is something in this comedy for everyone because it is not insulting or offensive. If anything, I would have enjoyed this book going further, but this is what comedy is about, leave them wanting more. Interestingly this is a scalable comedy, in that there are other social phenomena that can be put through a similar sardonic analysis. So if I were a betting person, I would consider that this piece of humor has the longevity stamp and can be enjoyed for years to come.


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