E book Review: Change Leadership in Projects and Products through the PMO Creating a Lean, Value Driven, Project Management Office by Michael Nir

It was an interesting new development to receive and email from Michael Nir last week. Nir is an author whose work I have read and reviewed previously and he was letting me know about his latest offering: “Change Leadership in Projects and Products through the PMO Creating a Lean, Value Driven, Project Management Office”.

Michael is first and foremost a story teller. Residing in an artist village, Michael runs a management consulting firm, practices Gestalt and publishes extensively in newsletters and journals. Michael is also an author who takes time to enjoy life. Michael is intimately familiar with Gestalt therapy, becoming a practitioner, leading groups and individuals through a self awareness process based on support, empathy and realistic thinking.
Through his studies and particularly by writing a thesis, Michael became skilled at transforming complex concepts to clear and illuminating essays. Michael’s materials are fresh, creative and exciting.

True to form, “Change Management” delivers something new and useful to the reader. Michael Nir writes a compelling a precisely structured piece about the common pitfalls of project management and the core rationale that should drive its successful implementation. In part this important topic is described and lifted with the aid of a case study; it should be practically compulsory for these challenging topics to come with case story data. To be fair the case story seemed a little underutilized for me. It lifted the piece and gave life to the words but I considered more than once that it could have been helpful more often. Change management is not a topic that not so easily lends itself to humor or the playful style that is characteristics of Nir’s other work. This volume is therefore more of a primer and text on an important subject. It is a fascinating read and certainly I agree with the points in this book that will be helpful to project managers.

I will continue to look out for work from Michael Nir and enjoyed the opportunity to review this latest work.


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