A book review: Silent Influencing – Employing Powerful Techniques for Influence and Leadership” by Michael Nir

This weekend I have been travelling and all has not proceeded smoothly. Today is the return leg and it will be my pleasure to be reunited with my hold bag which reached out destination airport yesterday only 3 days after we did. There has been drama. We are very happy to get our bag back but we have encountered both helpful and unhelpful people along the way. Today we will have the chance to meet at least one more person in this drama as we pick up our delayed hold bag. There are subtleties to discuss and words like compensation come to play. I will need to be on my very best behaviour to stay calm while script reading passive aggressives who have been surgically separated from their sympathy act as judge, jury and executioner. Luckily, I have just read “Silent Influencing – Employing Powerful Techniques for Influence and Leadership (The Leadership Series)”

by Michael Nir. This is an excellent introduction to body language that is brought to life by splendid and humorous graphics. This otherwise abstract subject needs these demonstrations to clarify the technical commentary. Nir’s writing style is easy to follow and informative and whilst this is not the first book I have read on this subject it is a cut above because of the writing and the presentation. It can only go so far and I would love to dig deeper into this subject. I was impressed by this book. What brought this work to life were the excellent demonstrative graphics and the humour. The graphics lifted the words from abstraction to reality. It is a tough balance when the conversation moves to influencing versus potentially ending up manipulating, but again Michael Nir keeps this balance through careful and professional approaches to interacting with colleagues. Today though I will know how I should handle myself and how to read the body language of whoever stands between me and my bag. Even there are a few simple and non invasive approaches to leading a difficult and closed conversant out to new and open waters. What is most important is that the weekend was largely a success although inconvenienced by not having my stuff, the bag is found and I read a splendid book.


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