Cats! E book review The Guffwipe Chronicles Part 1: The Book Of Choices by Lionel Whittey

Cats are divisive, we love them or hate them but always they create in us a strong feeling one way or another. I was not a cat lover until we got a cat some years ago. Even then I was not convinced as she made me sneeze and crawled into spaces we did not even know we had in the house; we had to take out a kitchen cupboard to find her after only a few days. Slowly, though, as she slept on my chest and purred I was captured. We had fun with that cat the few hours a day that she was awake and she had a cosy life. Yes, we recently had to say goodbye to that cat and I am surprised at how sad it is.
I figured I would write this as a cathartic piece whilst I was reading “The Guffwipe Chronicals”.

The cat plays a neat supporting role and whilst that ebook deserves its own review it made me think of the Cheshire Cat and our own who is now gone but for the memory.


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