Longer days and ebook reviews!

The days are getting longer and it is almost time to think about giving up the scarf and gloves. Almost, but not quite warm enough now that we are at the end of February. My personal journey this year has taken me to nearly 140 ebook reviews on my Kindle that have been added to Amazon.com. This gives some interesting information to look at. From these 140 book reviews came so far just over one hundred votes and nearly 90% of them were helpful. This is nice; even nicer were a handful of comments about my reviews which was pleasing. Only a few of the ebooks that I have reviewed have been as mainstream as one I read yesterday: “Amazon.com Sales Rank Decoded: The Smart Seller’s Guide to Best Seller Rank” by Jordan Malik. Yesterday I was the first to write a review of this product which is a self help guide to working out what to sell on Amazon.com. My review “Congratulations to Jordan Malik for his success. It is easy to identify from this book that there was a large amount of effort behind this achievement. There are some very good pointers in this book that I would consider to be useful to sellers on amazon.com. My own feeling was that I missed a bit of the historical perspective and would have enjoyed reading about the challenges and how Malik overcame them. That said, this book does what it says.” This morning as I booted up my laptop on the train and got to the keys without my gloves I can see that there are 36 reviews in total. This really amazed me and probably it should not have but well done Malik on having a very large and loyal following.
The reality is for me that I not really that interested in the mainstream and the popular-by-default. My preference for reading and reviewing are niche offerings from self-starter authors who might not otherwise get a review because they are starting out in the big wide web without the massed ranks of followers that will propel them to stardom. This might sound patronizing, it is not meant to be in any sense. My reason for this choice is simply to find the excellence that is there but which might otherwise be overlooked in the miasma of a thousand new ebooks a day. So it was a pleasure to find and read “Aliens in the Mist: A Literary Journalism Piece”

by Audry Grant. In this, I think, first work from Grant we get a science fiction, history satire. I am not certain if satire is entirely the correct word, but it is a tongue in cheek look back at a number of important events that have been the foundation of Ufology and which Grant uses to set up an excellent piece. My review “Audry Grant has managed to push a substantial number of urban stories about close encounters into a single excellent piece. It is clear that the final question is a very relevant one and the answer is likely to be that we will find what we look for out there but the chances of getting from one place to another seems remote to us. I very much enjoyed the style and development of this work and if you enjoy aliens then you will enjoy them in the mist!”
This morning I was still the only reviewer of this excellent piece, I do hope that others will find Grant’s work and enjoy it as I did. I can see that she published a second piece just now and I look forward to reading that too. So what is a book review: to me it is a chance to express my pleasure at finding gold!


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