E book review: ”Hummingbirds” by William Sharp

William Sharp describes himself as a life-long scifi fan, finally trying his hand at writing some short stories and his alter-ego is a trial attorney. “Hummingbirds” is a science fiction horror short story.

The e-dust cover comments “The adorable little creatures we know as hummingbirds are a far cry from the nasty thing that attacks Carley Richards as she hikes in the Colorado wilderness.”
William Sharpe should be congratulated for a short story of novelty. For me at least the ideas in “Hummingbirds” were new and scary to me. This is exactly as the author describes a tale of transformation and one that is rather unexpected and has substantial implications for the people involved. I was not able to see if there was a hidden under text of warning about where scientific development may take us unexpectedly, because such thinking is important and would make interesting philosophical and social points. On the other hand, this is a story in the zombie genre somehow and there is nothing at all wrong with that. The interesting point is that it goes places and opens possibilities that typical zombie stories do not. There is a life after this transformation that is unexplored and left to the imagination of the reader.
In the end my review of this ebook for Kindle is a very positive one. I was intrigued and entertained and my closing thought was that this plot could readily be extended to be a full and perhaps epic science fiction work. On the down side, clearly the author is a dog lover and takes the time to comment on the intelligence of cats, which will disturb cat lovers to some extent. It will be interesting to see where Sharp takes this story and to see what else comes from his stable.


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