EBooks for children


It is very easy to be happy when reading books intended for children. They are innocent and colorful and without malice. These books speak to the wonder that we all felt as children. Of course they skim over some of the more problematic things like having to eat your dinner, tidy your room or go to bed when you are not tired, but still the world of the child is a wondrous one. It is also the simple ability of youth to learn and develop that is amazing to us. Us in this context the adults who have forgotten what it was like to be young and what is was like to learn a thousand new things every day. To know no fear and to expect to be excited by everything in this magical world is the life of the child. That is why I love to review books for children. In “Moms Are Magic

by Julie Randall there is a special story of the relationship between the child and his mother. You will always win with a title like “Moms Are Magic” but Julie Randall has produced a beautiful piece that reminds us of all the very very good things there are about having a Mom like Jeremy’s. The lucky lad gets to tell his story in a very neat way, full of colour and smiles. I loved reading this book,it made me happy and I am betting that it would make you smile too. We will just have to forget for now that Mom’s also make us grow up eventually!

Part of growing up is exploring the world and being able to move through our universe without fear or trepidation of things that go creep. This is where “I Love Bugs! (A Whimsical Children’s Rhyming Book On Bugs)

by Aaron Lee is a real winner. It is no fun to be scared of the things in nature, we can all relate to that. So it is perfect to see a colorful book that introduces the amazing variety of creatures that we share our surroundings with. Even better this book communicates that there is a place for each and a purpose for all. The best thing though is that we can learn from the bugs in our world. They can teach us the power of perseverance and whilst it goes beyond Aaron Lee’s current book, there is a lot to learn about the usefulness of teamwork as well.

When we think back to our own days growing up and exploring the world, we recall our ‘huge’ gardens, the massive bugs and the loving arms of our mothers who would cuddle us when we got scared. Even better, once we had cheered up there was probably ice cream!


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