Good news, where have you gone?

It is a typical cry from time to time that we should try to concentrate a little bit on good news stories. The media have a great time covering the horror and the nastiness that goes on and continually scares us will messages of woe. Is the world really such a dark and dismal place? Even such a story as horse meat in pre-cooked meals is massively covered but I considered that perhaps we missed the point somewhere along the way. Horse, like ostrich, alligator and other exotics is a pretty normal protein source in various countries. Even a quick poll of my colleagues came up with several who have seen it and at least one who has knowingly eaten horse on more than one occasion. Of course it is not politically correct to discuss the eating of whales or seal by our more northern cousins on the European continent. So horse, per se is not a dramatically unusual meat to have and clearly therefore there are butchers who prepare this delicacy. So when we consider the horse meat scandal, it seems to me that we moved away from the reality of the problem. The butchers clearly know what shape of animal that they are throwing into the process and therefore know what they are selling. The problem is that the buyers do not know what they are buying. Whoever bought meat from these butchers clearly did not do enough diligence and quality control if they did not understand clearly what they were buying. The good news here is that the purchase of pre-cooked meals has dropped substantially. We should be happy about this. We should aim to make fresh food using fresh ingredients and preferably ingredients that come from nearby. The good news is that this lack of diligence by the purchasers of the horse meat has had a beneficial knock on effect to the health of the consumer because we now choose to buy raw ingredients that we can identify and it reduces impact on the environment if we buy local produce because it is then not horses that have been shipped through three parts of the continent to end up in a pre-cooked microwave lasagna.
It is good news if we focus on the good part of it. It is good news if we stop taking the easy way out and go only for the low hanging fruit.
There are difficulties in our world and there are personal challenges but there are also many things to be happy about and to help keep our spirits high and our emotions in balance. One approach that I find very energizing is to read inspiring quotations and stories. In “Expert Excerpts for Entrepreneurs: 365 Awesome Quotes to Boost Your Business

by Steph Hatfield we get quotations and sayings that keep us pushing on. This is a truly splendid compilation of inspirational and stimulating passages. I read through this in one sitting and could not get enough. The testament to the power of the quotations is the joy in being re-acquainted with them. Perseverance, vision, execution and unwillingness to give up are just some of the major themes of the quotes in this excellent work.
So each day you can find an inspirational quotation and go off into the world thinking something positive and seeing the good news that there is rather than be put down and frightened by the all too easy approach of the fashionable news.


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