4 am business travel

These days I am an A-type person. When I was younger and without responsibility I was a B-Type person. What is interesting to me these days is the fact that 4 am looks exactly the same no matter which way I come at it. Today is a business travel day and already at 5 am I am in the departure gate awaiting the plane, de-icing and a quick hop to Amsterdam. There are plenty of frustrations to getting up early but there are plenty of benefits. Clearly, there are fewer people around at this time of day and depending on where one goes, they tend to either be asleep, very quiet or in good humour. Later in the day there is plenty of time for the typical rude individual to arrogantly interupt the moods of otherwise happy folk. I read in Josh Kauffman’s personal MBA book about the Dunbar number, a supposed number for which humans are able to be cognisant. Basically, below this number (between 100-230 according to wikipedia) we can see people for people in a crowd and above this number they are just objects. It seems to me that in general where I live the Dunbar number is 2 or less. Especially when standing in a queue or waiting ‘in line’ at the supermarket. There is no patience or tolerance of waiting. So at 4 am I can happily say, there is less of this nonsense even though I myself still hate to queue, I remind myself that these are fellow travellers, some on their way to an exiciting adventure and some on their way home.

I can think like this because I have been training my mind, just a little bit anyway as discussed by Malcolm G. Gemmill in “Improve Brain Power; Increase Your Capabilities With These Hands-On Brain Training Strategies”. It seems to me that The most important aspect of brain improvement is the understanding that there it is possible, that the brain is like any muscle that can be trained to be stronger, with greater endurance and capacity. The author has some good input to strategies and tactics for this training. It is simple to read and simple to implement.

Whatever your day brings, I trust that it will be what you are looking for and if not, then when it is gone, you can move on. Happy 4 am, happy monday!


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