Princess Crystal Rose & The Story on Valentine’s Day (The Princess Crystal Rose Series)” by D. P. Auld Kindle store brought up 2324 hits when I typed in the word Valentine. It is a wonderful theme for this time of year of course, being Valentine’s day and all that. For many years this was a day to be avoided for me and I recall there were similar feelings around me at the time. Nowadays it is a pleasant day filled with happy memories and pleasant feelings. Of course, there is no need to say ‘I Love You’ only once a year, and it is no doubt a commercial marketing ploy, using or abusing mythology in ways that we should not, but pleasant it remains. The love story is not really my preferred genre, it was a choice therefore to break that tradition today and find at least one Valentine’s day related Ebook to review. “Princess Crystal Rose & The Story on Valentine’s Day (The Princess Crystal Rose Series)” by D. P. Auld. The author describes himself as a educated man both in history and philosophy. “A prolific writer, he has authored numerous books that cross many different genres. His favourite works, however, are those he created for his niece, Crystal.” Valentines is a splendid theme and this story is an ancient one given a nice new twist. “It is Valentine’s Day in the Princess’s palace. To celebrate the occasion, the Princess Crystal Rose entertains a circle of children with a story. It is a story of love, friendship, and the very first Valentine’s Day note.” Overall a very pleasant story well written. We can move past the obvious parallels to the real world and concentrate on the fact that the boy gets the girl and vice-versa. Sorry if that is a spoiler for you, it is after all a Valentine’s book for a niece.

There is not much else to say except that the world is a more pleasant place when we embrace the simple joy of love.


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