Zombies, Hell, Horror and Short Stories

We are fascinated with zombies and the things that go bump in the night. We love to scare each other and we love to pretend that we are unaffected by the horror stories we read and hear. I remember too well the sleepless nights after watching Robert Englund portray Wes Craven’s fiend with the striped jumper. We hate to lose control yet we are exhilarated by the thought of exactly that. We are all adrenalin junkies of one sort or another. Either that or we have converted to dopamine junkies, waiting for the next social media fix. We are not happy with just the mundane world around us, and there is the constant concern that there is something that we do not know, just beyond reach, dark are foreboding. This is a constant theme through ghost stories and the tunnel of light reported by so many near death experiences. The common themes of alien abductions or close encounters of the whatever kind. These themes come around again and again because we are fascinated with them. They speak to a psychological aspect of our natures that is hard wired to the very foundation of our evolution. We need to be able to be frightened of the dark. We must worry about what we cannot see and we simply need to know what threats there may be lurking beyond our understanding and senses. How else can we hope to know whether to hide from that shadow or whether to run from that noise? We become brave as we learn more but even so we can relive the thrill of horror time and time again. I imagine that this is the same as the sky diver waiting to jump for the first time, or the land speed record hopeful lining up on the salt flats sat in a rocket with wheels and some euphemistically named breaks and steering controls. The point though is two fold, one we can never get enough of horror not matter how many times we have apparently read the same story and two our brains can play tricks on us that we cannot even understand.  Chris Welsh explores the mind’s ability to create its own horror in “Leave A Note”, which I found to be totally thought provoking and scary. The pace of this short horror story picks up rapidly and the poor hero degenerates into a vortex of increasing trouble in this excellent horror. We can analyze this work and can determine that this is likely to be horror of his own creation. Creation is a neat segway to the second Ebook. Darren Kamensek takes a new look at Hell and how it is run and indeed the parallels to the world of the living. There are a lot of obvious parallels with debt traders and the few fooling the many with their aggregated assumption of power that far outstrips the reality. The Ebook is called “Get Me the Hell Out, Book One: Me.” It is advertised as the first of twelve books and  this volume is a crazy, hellish, chaotic start to something that could be excellent. So far ‘Me’ has set a dark and exciting scene with excellent potential to develop into a fabulous whole.

So two more Ebooks that look at the chaos of our imagination and drag out coherent, scary and innovative ways to help me not to sleep properly at night.


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