One hundred reviews

Today I completed review number one hundred. It is oddly human that is both a number and a milestone of sorts. It does represent some effort on my part and hopefully it represents some satisfaction on the part of the authors and readers who may have found the comments useful. My stated aim is to look at the works of self-starting, self-publishers who choose to publish ebooks. I cannot claim that all of the ebooks I have read fulfill these criteria but the majority of cases I have attempted to hold fast and find the most appropriate works for my cause. The cause is of course to celebrate the diversity of our creativity beyond the rather narrow scope of what mainstream publishing can provide. I continue to choose not to give bad reviews to ebooks that simply do not capture my imagination, are too far outside my frame of reference or are obviously not going to be finished by the majority of readers. This seems harsh perhaps but I cannot see any benefit in spending time being negative even though this is both easy and sadly fulfilling. This does give me more time to concentrate on the truly fulfilling and absolutely spectacular works that are available in all sorts of genres. I am not picky about genre. My past is littered with self-help guides of one sort or another, a load of fantasy and science fiction, science history, history and childrens books. I continue trying to be broad minded and each and every day helps this quest. The ebook and ebook reader make a splendidly powerful combination that enables very rapid choice, read, review cycles. As I have stated in other posts I started out ranked seven million plus on; now I broke the twelve thousand barrier which seems pretty gratifying.


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