EBooks for kids

It is quite amazing how many books are published and how many genres are covered. Clearly, there has always been a market for books aimed at children. Modern software and access to the World Wide Web must surely make life easier for the author who wishes to write books that will entertain and educate children. Not being an educator or a pedagogue it is not possible for me to judge a book of learning by its cover; however as a parent it is easy to form some opinions. We have the complete works of Beatrix Potter and these are still remaining wonderful, explorations aimed at children, but somehow they are of course dated. We do not seem to want to expose our children to the horrors of life in the same way as Hans Christian Anderson and it is much easier if we avoid concepts like talking about what has happened to Bambi’s mother. Of course there are still terrors in the world and there is danger and nastiness, but we have moved on from the obviously frightening stories of my youth to what is generally called sterilized version of the universe. We all have lifetimes in which we can discover the boogie men, so it is fine with me if we allow a little bit more time for play and discovery.
Children’s books seem to me to be like the children’s menu in a restaurant: one size does not fit all. Every time we see a children’s meal being placed in front of a young child it is obvious that it is way too much of a mouthful and yet it continues. At least in the case of children’s books this excess extends only to the genre name as beneath this there is something for everyone. I have reviewed several books for younger children and they share colour, simplicity and education at their hearts.
The very colourful counting book “Little Monsters – Count with Me” by D.E. Purdy, is a lovely little counting book that is bound to captivate the children and get them into the swing of counting. This book is filled with colour and vibrant pictures that is a starter learning book. A little more advanced is a neat little book that is imaginative and throws up a couple of interesting questions and perhaps a moral dilemma or two called “The Turtle and the Elephant” by AnimalLover. When it comes to learning about determination “Barry Beetle and the Tree House” by Miranda Wryte introduces this key human skill. This is a charming, feel good book for kids who are starting out with fantasy and hope and need to add determination. Finally from the colourful learning corner “Who Lives in the Sea? Learning about Marine Life – Picture Book with Fun Facts & Quiz” by Kidsplay which is also colourful, informative and educational I enjoyed reading about all of the creatures of the sea. This is well presented and the quiz will be useful for later.
As with most of the ebooks I read, it is not always obvious if the authors are the self-starting, self-publishers that are the main focus of my efforts, but at least it is possible to say that children will not want for variety when it comes to ebooks that are designed with them and their needs in mind. As adults, we will just have to make sure that the cycle of scaring kids to their whit’s end is broken.


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