The world is such a varied place

It is experiences like reading Dave Konig’s “25 Things They Should Have Taught You In Medic School… But Didn’t” that make a day worthwhile. Dave Konig is a dual personality “Professionally I’m a New York City based EMS provider”  yet “Personally, I’m still a Film major with a Journalism minor at heart. I enjoy putting the proverbial pen (my fingers) to the proverbial paper (the keyboard).” He has taken the time to write about what he has come to learn about his chosen profession of the last quarter of a century. Dave Konig’s description of the contents is very appropriate “This book looks to address some of the things that just can’t be covered in class, but really should be. The book includes 25 chapters on things every Medic, whether just thinking about signing up for class or graduated way back when, needs to know”. This is a tremendously interesting book written wonderfully. I am not a member of the target audience but I am very glad to have learned so much in a highly engaging reading experience. Konig describes the various chaotic and darkly humorous episodes that arise in a complex system where the patient is the ultimate commander in chief and how the common definitions of ‘help’, ‘saving lives’ and even job titles are missleading. I can only admire the role the author plays and the calm he brings to the writing. It is presumably a reflection of the day to day sang froid required to do a difficult job well. One wonders if Dave is actually like the swan, all graceful on the surface, but paddling like hell underneath the murky water where no one can see, just to keep moving. It is usual to balance things out in a review by finding fault, but the discussions go beyond my expertise to comment properly and I was attentive to the writing from the start to the end so I will not pretend to have a negative opinion that I do not.



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