The advantage of memory

There was a documentary on our television last evening that dealt with the Sphix, its builder and its antiquity. In a mere sixty minutes of program, ten minutes of information was imparted in quanta so insignificant that they must be repeated every few minutes. It was ludicrous to think that the information was so profound that this treatment was necessary. Either this or the producers have little faith in the memory of their viewers. Perhaps we have all turned into goldfish or perhaps this is the result of the information age that we are plugged into so many sources of information at once in the false belief that we can multitask when in fact we are switching between numerous repeating messages. Clearly it is easier to take in multiple inputs when they are repeating with a mundane regularity that makes 24 hour news programs seem advanced. It seems so distant to the approach of 1) say what you will say, 2) say it, 3) say what you said type presentations that have a clear and concise beginning, middle and end. Each aspect is doubled or tripled and the introductions become grating on the soul, the main part of the piece can only be an anticlimax and the conclusion pointless. A very similar situation pops up in self-help books. Here I am especially thinking of books that are in reality gateways to a second, third and fourth purchasing opportunity. The author is capturing and audience and giving them just enough that it is clear that so much more will be revealed with just one more buy. We are tantalized by the prospect of learning the hidden secret to a flat stomach / giving up smoking / Area 51 / getting rich. The secret sells the book and the DVD and the online this and the serial that and the stage show and the special equipment. While some of this might be relevant, I would not know, I do not care, what I want is self-contained work. This is one more advantage of self-published works. Most likely, in my opinion, the authors have not the guile or the need to attempt an audience capturing stunt. The author’s instead impart their knowledge rapidly and straight forwardly. The books tend to be short and sweet. The books tend to contain everything you need to get out there and try it for yourself. Once again there is the opportunity to have reduced back pain, a business started in 30 days, personal growth, self-improvement, improved self-confidence and almost certainly better sex life or lives depending which genre you choose.  There is not demand for future payment and often no website to search and no seminar to attend and no special equipment to buy. It is simple, it is quick and it is easy to read. No doubt, just like the complicated and expensive bigger brothers implementation is still going to be a challenge. We are not though insulted with constant repetition or the belief that more is required than a few concepts and will power. Losing weight is easy, or at least straight forward, with will power, so is quitting smoking and so is getting finances in order. The concept is easy, the practice is harder but as long as you have a reasonable memory then you have the advantage that your life need not be taken up being bombarded by non information drip fed and continuously repeated.

For reference I have reviewed the following Ebooks on and were, amongst other things, the inspiration to this piece: Seven Simple Steps to Pain-Free Living by Roy Palmer MSTAT, How to Start a Business from Scratch in 30 Days by Sarah Morris, TIME MANAGEMENT (Anybody Can Be Great at Time Management) by William Frost, Sculpting Natural Leadership by Thomas DiPaolo. Thes and other reviews of mine can be found, utterly free of charge and without motive at:*Version*=1&*entries*=0.


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