Excessive grumpiness

Sunday mornings are often a painful event. Only because the illusion exists that there should be no rush to get out of bed and nothing driving us to activity. No one has managed to get this message over to the cat though! So darkness greats our reluctant morning eyes. The flip side is the amount of extra time one gets to enjoy the day. I started out with “Broccoli makes you fart” by Steve Ketchup and then moved on to “Time management” by William Frost, rounding off my morning with “Signs You May Be An Idiot” by Andr√© Gensburger. At first sight these have little to do with each other but clearly learning I am idiot enough not to know that broccoli induces flatulance is a decent sign of idiocy. However, while Gensburger rants about the problems of American society and how this one grumpy old man sees the negatives, Frost has pared down time management theory into an idiot proof prosaic polemic. Then again Ketchup is no more telling us the obvious than either of the other two authors. We are not learning much new perhaps but we get repacked wisdom and old news. We get in these three little books a distraction from a dark Sunday morning, a smile or two and perhaps a laugh. If only I could teach the cat to read!


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