Zen contemplation

For nearly twenty years now I have been fascinated by Zen philosophy and practise. Fascinated to the extent of reading what I can find and once in a while attempting some of the techniques. It would be idyllic, perhaps, to travel to a far off retreat and spend some time with Rinpoche and be a part of the lifestyle for a week or two. Of course the effect would wearoff just as quickly as a summer tan. Once we are back in our home environment we are back in our home habits. We can change with concentration and commitment and repetition. So, you can understand when I say that I love reading books on Zen and meditation and even if they are repetitions of insights I have read or seen in previous decades, that is just fine. Each telling is new and each version has nuances caused by the individual author’s idiosyncracies, view point and their own journey. Each time one asks onceself about the sound of one hand clapping, the nature of the universe or consider that we are all but waves upon the ocean, one becomes more humble and perhaps just a little bit more enlightened.

In this mindset I read “Walking Meditation: The Ultimate Key to Unlimited Happiness (Meditation Mastery)” by John Edgar. You will understand from my words that I am an absolute fan.  This type of book is a favorite of mine as it blends some insights with some history and some practical information that can be considered and employed. A
nice book.

I can walk up and down and concentrate on walking. It requires no purpose, no equipment, no permission and whatever time is available. It is freedom!


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