Dark portents

The wind is blowing on a dark and stormy morning after a long noisy night. It is a portentous weather that speaks to evil designs and nefarious deeds. In this mood I can describe reading “Tannis” by William Meikle. This is a splendid fantasy / science fiction short story as old as they come. Dr Frankenstein and his monster: a driven man without self-reflection pushes on to ever higher levels of scientific adventure. At the heart of science is the wonder of nature and the inquisitiveness of a child. Combined they can take us in all the wrong directions as the author skilfully shows in this splendid short story full of misadventure and mayhem. One man, his grandson, a newt and a pairs of wings and that mysterious glowing liquid. Oh yes this is almost a story that writes itself, yet it is always a pleasure to read another one. We people who grow beards never learn from the mistakes made by other bearded people. So history repeats itself and the story at the heart of the tale comes around again. The subtle difference in character and nuance flavor each telling like the storms of Scotland and the subtle differences in the simple ingredients of water, barley and yeast flavor that famous drink. What darkness hides within the heart of man? Often less than the outcome would suggest. What inquisitiveness lies within the spirit of man? Enough to make even the cat wary.


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