Illusion and reality

My personal journey has taken me on a mind expanding tour of the history of Hinduism from a Christian perspective in “Hinduism: A Simple Introduction for the Layperson” by Saneesh Cherian and Philip Johnson. There is so much that I did not know about in this context and while the book was a little slow in parts due to the catalogue nature of introducing all of the sacred texts, I learned a lot about this ancient religion. I must bow to the author’s authority on the content of the book, but the message I took away was one of endurance, openness and deep insight into nature. To Segway to a very small part of nature: diamonds are not a religion but to some people it seems as though they might as well be. There was therefore a massive contrast between the philosophy of the Hinduism and “Today’s Diamonds” by Robert Collins. Again there was a lot to learn and this book covered both the history of the diamond all the way back to India, which ties closely to Hinduism even though it is clearly at the other end of the spectrum philosophically. There was a lot that I did not know about diamonds and even why we wear wedding bands on the fourth finger finger; I know it now thanks to Mr Collins. The book does not shy away from the darker side of diamonds which brings solemn balance to a good read. While diamonds come from coal, the universe is an illusion coming from the one true reality. So diamonds must be a girls best illusion!


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